Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The shortest release ever & new GMail login

KCheckGMail 0.5.8 release was delayed for more than an year (I think). The day I finally release KCheckGMail Google changed GMail's login procedure. 0.5.8 useful lifetime was less than a day.

I already updated both KDE3 and KDE4 versions to work with the new GMail login procedure. You can download the latest snapshots from the development repo.

For the KDE3 version grab the latest snapshot from the 0_5_8_x branch.
For the KDE4 version grab the latest snapshot from the kde4-port branch.

p.s. Hosted domain accounts not yet updated. I don't have an account to test it.


  1. i tried the kde4 version and is excactly what i was expected :) very nice work
    congratulations and keep going !

  2. Please let me help you test it for hosted accounts; I need this to work for me!

    email me at richard at richardarchambault dot ca

  3. Richard, can you please contact me by email ?

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