Friday, June 4, 2010

https access to Gmail and the "Unknown error retrieving cookies" error

Are you getting the "Unknown error retrieving cookies" error or does KCheckGMail keeps logging in again and again ?
Yes ? So, keep reading, this post is for you.

Last January Google changed it's default access to Gmail. The default is now https, which is a great security improvement. You can read all about it in their official blog post.
KCheckGMail offers the option to use an http or https connection for a long time now. Everything worked Ok because the Gmail default was "Don't ways use https". Now that Google has changed the default to "Always use https", KCheckGMail can't handle it right. For KCheckGMail work properly you have to set Gmail setting to "Don't always use https" and KCheckGMail's network connection to "Use https connections for checking mail".

The "Unknown error retrieving cookies" and the infinite logging in loop are an result of the unmatched Gmail and KCheckGMail's https settings.

Data mining the Gmail configuration establish the proper connection  type is possible and will be present in the next KCheckGMail's release.

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